About Grey Bear Coffee

Grey Bear Coffee is a small, family run business based in the heart of Yorkshire. What started out as a dream, soon became the seed of what we now proudly call our passion.

We chose Grey Bear as our name and brand after our very own Grey Bear, our father and backbone of the business. The name started out as an affectionate joke and quickly became a term of endearment. We thought it was only suitable to have this represent us.

Grey Bear has over 15 years of coffee roasting experience and knowledge, with over 25 years in the coffee industry.  He has shared his wisdom and insight with us all over the years, his love for coffee is the driving force behind all of our enthusiasm.

We may be a small business, but we are mighty in devotion to our product. We believe in good coffee and great customer service, always.

Est. 2021

Our Journey

Starting our journey modestly, we released our exclusive Ultimate and Beast Blend ranges of coffee, in both coffee grounds and beans, early Spring 2021. Our Beast Blend proved to be a customer favourite, receiving tons of positive feedback, in both the ground and bean variants. In the short amount of time our business has been launched, it’s proven that our coffee is creating quite a stir.

Coming Soon

We’re currently in the works with some very exciting and inclusive products, something for everyone and more staples to add to your growing Grey Bear Coffee collection.