Let the bear wake you up

Beast Blend

Un-bear-lievable coffee

The beast blend coffee is a blend of 60% quality Arabica coffees from around the world including Brazil, Ethiopia and China’s Black river area, all blended together with rainforest alliance Robusta from Vietnam. Roasted traditionally in an Artisan style by experienced roasters with years of experience.


Ultimate Blend

Premium quality

Ultimate Ground coffee blend is a 100% Arabica blend containing beans from Central America, over 75% are Colombian with other complimentary beans to add to the final taste.

It is slightly acidic, sweet, medium-bodied coffee perfect for all-day drinking through filter machines or Cafetiere jugs, giving the taste of luxury in this, our ULTIMATE blend.


Grey Bear Coffee

We are not messing about when it comes to premium quality coffee! It doesn’t compromise on taste. Our customers love our blends which have been in development for years, to achieve the best results, hence us only having a small selection.